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Welcome to Emerging Cyber Risks, the cybersecurity podcast that keeps you thinking about the latest trends, threats, and how these will effect our future.

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Insights on the latest trends in ransomware attacks.

AI Risks

How attackers are targeting specific industries and organizations.

Emerging Technologies

Best practices for businesses looking to protect themselves and stay compliant.

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Adoption of AI in the Defense Industry

👉 Trusting machines in critical missions


👉 Public discussions on the ethical considerations of AI


👉 Whether AI adoption can, or even should, be avoided

Exploring the Intersection of Cyber Security and AI

👉 The Impact of Ransomware on Cyber Insurance


👉 Leveraging AI in Cyber Insurance


👉 Enhancing Security Assessments in Cyber Insurance with AI

Driving AI Adoption in the Military and Government

👉 How does the DOD introduce technology into different government branches?


👉 What are the challenges in adopting AI in the Armed Services?


👉How does AI ethics play out in AI adoption?

Leveraging AI for Risk Management

👉 Why do you need to build guardrails around AI implementation?

👉 What is the role of AI in fraud detection?

👉 Why are education and awareness critical when implementing AI?

Navigating the Intersection of AI and Healthcare

👉 The role of AI in the healthcare and diagnostic industry

👉 The role of healthcare companies when adopting AI 


👉 Why data quality is a major challenge to AI adoption in healthcare

Incorporating AI in Risk Management

👉 Importance of human input

👉 Leveraging AI for quantitative methods to create a new field within risk management

👉 The moral, ethical, and safety concerns associated with AI

Challenges in Developing, Democratizing, and Adopting AI

👉 How does the data science community view privacy in the healthcare industry?

👉 Challenges in building and adopting AI models

👉 Dealing with FDA compliances while validating AI models

Managing Cyber Security Challenges in the Retail Space

👉  Cybersecurity in a shared risk environment

👉  Customer data privacy at retail brands

👉  The role of legal teams in defining Cybersecurity strategies

Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Cybersecurity

👉 What are the market forces in cybersecurity today?

👉 The equation for AI impact equals scale into impact over replaceability

👉  How will AI impact Cybersecurity?

Zero Trust

👉 Zero Trust and How it Works

👉 Is there a national cybersecurity document?

👉 How can companies overcome the legacy lag while implementing zero trust?

Healthcare Industry

👉 IoT and the FDA guidelines on medical devices

👉 Best practices while implementing GRC

👉 Protecting healthcare data while adopting new technologies

Episode 0

In this episode, we introduce our Emerging Cyber Risk hosts, Max Aulakh and Joel Yonts.

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