NIST SP 800-171

Simplified Journey to Compliance

We have worked with major defense contractors all over the United States. The implementation of our integrated GRC platform automates the workflows, helps identify and remedy gaps for passing through the complexities of NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS compliance to make you eligible for profitable and rewarding defense deals.


•Identifying the Deficiencies of Defense Suppliers
•Improved Core Controls per DFARS
•Pinpointing Critical Assets Needing Protection
•Remedial Methods for CUI Leakage Threats
•Heightened Cybersecurity & Monitoring
•Coordination with Other Compliance Modules

What is NIST SP 800-171?

NIST SP 800-171: A codification of the requirements that any nonfederal computer system must follow in order to store, process, or transmit Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) or provide security protection for such systems. NIST SP 800-171 compliance is currently required by some DoD contracts via DFARS clause 252.204-7012.*

*NIST, Protecting Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations (NIST Special Publication 800-171), updated January 14, 2016, withdrawal December 20, 2017.

Hear from our customers

"Ignyte team offered us a way to make sure that we’ve tightened everything up, feeling confident that our customer base, projects, process, and information are safe. With them, we’ve streamlined our cybersecurity efforts, reaching efficiency, which was not otherwise achievable with our limited resources."

Jayme Rahz

CEO, Midway Swiss Turn, Inc.

“We’ve evaluated about six different companies. Ignyte stood out based on their knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, and ability to scale and grow with us. The technology that they’ve built enables them to have the best product at the best price. In combination with their level of service, it really made for a perfect partnership.”

Travis Moore

CEO, Jemco Components & Fabrication, Inc.

"It was an eye-opener on opportunities that would be out there for us, once we get to the Level 2 of CMMC. From the very beginning, I was impressed with the Ignyte team’s knowledge and experience. Our intent is to move forward with Ignyte’s help to further stages. I would definitely recommend them, but I’d like to get our business there first."

Bret Joslyn

COO, Joslyn

Platform for NIST SP 800-171 & DFARS Compliance

DFARS regulations and NIST guidance play an important role in the United States to enable cybersecurity robustness. For defense contractors and subcontractors, regulations can provide minimum guidance to assist them with becoming cyber secure. Ignyte Assurance Platform empowers your organization to follow the changing mandates of the DFARS framework outlined in NIST SP 800-171 with simplicity and ease. Our automated GRC solution offers steadily advancing measures that enable the defense firms to become DFARS & NIST SP 800-171 compliant by the implementation of internal control infrastructure.

Third Party Validation

Ignyte Assurance Platform helps your organization establish a third-party validation service for your defense supply chain. The service comprises a compliance assessment following the NIST 800-171 requirements and controls for validating your subcontractors. This service provides a risk score and remediation recommendations to enable them to comply.

Compliance Gap Remediation

Ignyte Assurance Platform’s DFARS compliance framework calls out the items contained within the Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) that require action. We work according to the IT infrastructure’s existing state for making the remediation of compliance gaps by utilizing techniques such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and regular awareness workshops.

Self-Evaluation Program

Your organization must also continually evaluate and sustain the controls provided by NIST SP 800-171, as systems keep on evolving and often become non-compliant. Ignyte Assurance Platform enables quick remediation through its DFARS framework that implements a system-wide self-evaluation program that works round the clock and validates & alerts for any emerging or evolving compliance gaps.

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