Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity

We are guarding safety while you are fighting for lives

Patients entrust their healthcare providers with their most confidential and sensitive information and expect them to do what it takes to keep their data secure, private and safe. It’s not always easy for the healthcare providers to take proactive measures to ward off continual cyber attacks, especially with escalated security threats emerging every day. The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ empowers healthcare organization to effectively manage and protect patient health records and comply with HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST & FDA Part 11.

Healthcare organizations that trusted us with their Healthcare Cybersecurity efforts.


Business Associate Compliance

Health insurance providers (covered entities) are responsible for ensuring that their vendors (business associates) are compliant with HIPAA as well as the HITECH Act. Managing vendor compliance manually is time-consuming and administratively intensive. Ignyte automates vendor compliance through customizable workflows and risk metrics tracking.


HIPAA, HITECH, Security Rule Compliance

Complying with all the HITECH, HIPAA Privacy, and Security Rule requirements isn’t overwhelming and difficult to maintain with Ignyte. Organizations are spending an ever-increasingly large part of their budgets on HIPAA/HITECH compliance issues while still falling further and further behind in the realm of Healthcare Cybersecurity best practices. Ignyte will simplify your ongoing compliance efforts by mapping control requirements to your organization’s existing safeguards. Confirm at a glance and in real-time if your system is meeting the requirements your organization is required to follow.

Compliance Automation


Patient Trust

Today, the market value of Protected Health Information (PHI) is reaching record highs and organizations facing a security breach are experiencing significant associated costs. Healthcare providers and their business associates are taking aggressive measures to increase their security efforts. Manage Healthcare Cybersecurity risks more effectively with Ignyte and ensure you are taking the proper steps to keep your patient data secure.

Integrated Risk Management

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