HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA Compliance Solutions & HITECH

Ignyte Assurance Platform™ centralizes all your HIPAA Compliance Solutions and resources in one place. Learn how it can streamline Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes throughout your entire healthcare organization with minimal roll-out plan, efforts and resources.

Checklist for Successful HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Real-Time Compliance Reports

Ignyte Assurance Platform helps organizations to access real-time reporting via SOC 2 + HITRUST, Validated Assessment Certification, and Self-Assessment. Our software equips your business with the best reporting option based on your industry domain and gives you a method to quickly produce reports with an assurance of monitoring things as close to real-time as possible without having to ask anybody for evidence.

Automated Evidence Requests

Ignyte Assurance Platform automates evidence requests to the people responsible for their delivery which helps streamline GRC processes throughout your entire organization. By eliminating manual processes and endless spreadsheets, this platform fundamentally changes the way your team collects, stores, and presents the evidence and significantly improves efficiency and time for reporting and audit preparation.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions Training & Maintenance

Ignyte Assurance Platform offers Protected Health Information (PHI) awareness certification programs that are compulsorily required for all human resource and health employees and third-party contractors on a yearly basis. Our training program also encompasses role-based data protection training for managers, IT admins, and executives for bringing full adherence to HIPAA Compliance Solutions and HITECH.

Integrated Risk Management

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