FedRAMP Readiness Assessment
FedRAMP Readiness Assessment

FedRAMP shouldn’t take years! Get approved in 6 months or less!

Before you spend a year and 7 figures chasing a FedRAMP certification, let an authorization 3PAO help you through the entire process.

Quickly distill key milestones that are critical to your success! Accomplish the key documents within 30-60 days! Fix your environment in 30 days or less and be done with the audit within a 30 day timeframe!

Take your first step towards FedRAMP authorization

What is FedRAMP Certification?

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is the official US government program and cybersecurity framework designed to standardize data protection in cloud environments.

Vendors who have met FedRAMP compliance requirements get featured on the FedRAMP open marketplace. Government agencies needing CSP solutions may only buy from these FedRAMP authorized vendors.

Identify Critical Milestones

As your initial step in determining what you need to do to become FedRAMP certified, Ignyte Platform delivers a rapid plan that includes integration between sales, engineering and cyber security. The project plan will help your organization confidently accelerate the grueling yet worthwhile FedRAMP process.


Ignyte team delivers on that plan in a rapid fashion within deliverables provided to you every 2 week sprint in a 30, 60, 90 day planning cycle. These include: System Security Plans, POA&Ms, ConMON and automation. Developed by former DoD assessors and security managers, Ignyte Platform eases the burden of obtaining and maintaining FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO).

4 Ways Ignyte Platform Accelerates FedRAMP Compliance for 25% Less

Together, these processes help you cut costs and accelerate your FedRAMP compliance requirements. As FedRAMP consultants, Ignyte Platform ensures that once your CSP is FedRAMP certified, it will remain FedRAMP compliant.

by streamlining FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring

• Deliver live without continuous monitoring

• Eliminate Excel and siloed software

Through automated POA&Ms and evidence collection processes

• Satisfy your auditor in real-time by efficiently collecting, cataloging, and linking evidence

• Regain productivity by eliminating hours of search time looking for lost, mislabeled, or improperly-dated evidence

by automating FedRAMP SSP output into Word compliant files

• Deliver live without continuous monitoring

• Eliminate Excel and siloed software

by providing OSCAL ready content

• Deliver live without continuous monitoring

• Eliminate Excel and siloed software

How can Ignyte Platform help your company with FedRAMP?

I’m new to the FedRAMP FedRAMP Readiness Assessment process, and I need information on the FedRAMP certification requirements

We have a FedRAMP certification, but lucrative, high-security agencies like DoD require FedRAMP+

We’ve got a FedRAMP certification. Now, we want to explore automated maintenance options

Why choose Ignyte Platform for your FedRAMP Readiness Assessment?​


Audits Performed


Savings per project


ATOs for the US Government

“It was difficult to handle compliance audits on spreadsheets. We lacked consistency or accuracy in data collection, so we had no reference point. Ignyte Platform allows us to create a high-level system that encompasses our entire environment, and can connect to any other that embraces that.”

John Zimmerly

Director – Security & Governance, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

“Ignyte team helped us get through FedRAMP based SSP in a matter of weeks versus months or years. We love working with their team and leveraging their automated platform for generating important artifacts and documents.”

Chief Information Officer

DoD Prime Contractor

Ignyte Platform’s FedRAMP Consultant Solution helps every aspect of a CSP’s business

Sales and Marketing
  •  Increases sales pipeline with government opportunities
  • Promotes security as a feature to all prospects
Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Eases security burdens through automation
  • Delivers Key Learning applications for other projects
Chief Executive Officers
  • Positive ROI from investment
  • Reduces-costs on FedRAMP implementation & maintenance
Chief Legal Officers
  • Positive ROI from investment
  • Reduces-costs on FedRAMP implementation & maintenance
Chief Financial Officers
  • Reduces corporate cyber-threats
  • Lowers insurance premiums
Chief Information Security Officers
  • Increases cloud security
  • Eases concern of cyber-threats
Ignyte Platform FedRAMP Solutions

FedRAMP Certification

FedRAMP+ Certification

FedRAMP Renewals

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP controls which CSPs are allowed to do business with the U.S. Government. The FedRAMP certification process is challenging, time-consuming, and requires a 7-figure investment, but when you’re done:

You’ll be added to the FedRAMP authorized open marketplace, so agencies eager to adapt to the U.S. government’s cloud-first agenda can do so.

Your FedRAMP certification offers “proof” to non-government prospects that your cloud solution is next-level cyber-secure.

Your cyber-security standards can make it easier to comply with other standards, such as CMMC, today and in the future.

Get contracts with the most secure government agencies

If you’re already FedRAMP-certified, but your security access is locking you out of lucrative projects, you need to level up to FedRAMP+. A FedRAMP+ certification allows you to work with U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force.

Ignyte Platform can accelerate your FedRAMP certification with a 30-day FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Program – AccelRAR 30, and then save you at least 25% on your full ATO process by automating the implementation of FedRAMP requirements with A²RAMP service.

Recertify your FedRAMP Cloud Offering quickly and efficiently

As an existing FedRAMP certification holder, you’re familiar with the U.S. Government’s annual FedRAMP compliance requirements. Ignyte Platform offers an automated solution that makes it easy to recertify this year and every year.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is FedRAMP Authorization?

FedRAMP stands for Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. It contains a set of standards and methods designed for federal agencies to facilitate the assessment of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). FedRAMP features a risk management framework based on the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002 and NIST 800-53 that allows stakeholders to assess and authorize cloud service offerings.

FedRAMP authorization is a government program used to provide a standardized strategy for performing security assessments, authorization, and enabling continuous monitoring of cloud services and products. The certification allows agencies to implement and use cloud technologies by emphasizing the protection and security of federal IT infrastructure and information.

FedRAMP requirements are fundamentally based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53. This particular publication sets standards and guidelines for information security controls regarding cloud computing environments.

If you work within the government sector, chances are you’ve already been exposed to NIST 800-53 in different forms such as CNSSI 1253, internal DoD A&A (Assessment and Authorization) Process, industry-wide FedRAMP, and even the emerging A&A processes around cATO, cRMF, FastATO, Accelerated ATO, and our very own micro layered ATO for the cloud.

FedRAMP authorization currently distinguishes three security impact levels for CSPs based on their Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) such as Low, Moderate, and High impact levels.

These levels vary based on the different types of data managed and controlled by CSP in the cloud. The different degrees of severity indicate the potential impact on the protected information in the event of the system being compromised.

To understand the FedRAMP certification costs, you need to look into different categories of expenses:

  • Engineering with an average cost of $1,100,000.
  • Documentation is estimated at an average cost of $400,000.
  • 3PAO Assessment can cost $500,000 on average.
  • FedRAMP JAB Review averages $250,000.
    Continuous Monitoring costs $1,000,000 on average.

Yes, the Ignyte team can save up to 25% on your FedRAMP or FedRAMP+ compliance process by implementing a number of automated procedures.

For instance, leveraging Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), Ignyte Platform generates machine-read content to accelerate compliance processes and eliminate human errors. Schedule a system demo to walk through FedRAMP automation processes.

A FedRAMP 3PAO is a Third-Party Assessment Organization that has been certified to help CSPs and government agencies meet their FedRAMP compliance requirements. They are an integral part of the FedRAMP audit process, as their independent assessments are used by the federal government in the authorization decision-making for CSOs.

For more FedRAMP related terminology and abbreviations, visit our FedRAMP Glossary.

The FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO), operated by the General Services Administration (GSA) in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is central to managing the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. The FedRAMP PMO sets and updates the baseline security standards for cloud services, ensuring compliance with federal requirements. It plays a major role in establishing requirements for the Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) process, offering initial authorization for cloud services that meet these baseline standards. Additionally, the FedRAMP PMO provides essential guidance and support to CSPs, government agencies and other stakeholders, streamlining the compliance and authorization process under the FedRAMP framework.

To be listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace, cloud providers like AWS and others must navigate the federal risk and authorization process. This involves preparing a completed Body of Evidence (BOE), including a categorization of the system using FIPS-199 tailored to the cloud product’s impact level (e.g., high, moderate of low impact), development of a System Security Plan (SSP), implement cryptography using FIPS 140-2 and similar requirements as well as using various templates provided by FedRAMP PMO. Providers can opt for Agency Authorization, where a specific federal agency assesses the security package, or pursue a Joint Authorization Board (JAB) review. Once the security package is approved, indicating compliance with FedRAMP standards, the cloud provider is listed in the FedRAMP Marketplace, signaling to agencies that the cloud provider’s cloud product is agency authorized and secure for use in gov environments.

The Joint Authorization Board (JAB), has representation from several federal government agencies such as from the General Services Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and other federal government agencies. The JAB plays an important role in FedRAMP process including:

  • Granting Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO): The JAB issues P-ATOs to CSPs, indicating commitment to meeting agency agnostic FedRAMP requirements and agency specific security controls requirements. The provisional security authorization is an essential step before CSPs receive a full Authority to Operate (ATO) from individual federal government agencies.


  • Establishing Security Requirements: The JAB sets security requirements for cloud service providers (CSPs) through tailoring of controls, FedRAMP specific Organizational Defined Parameters (ODPs) to ensure they meet the cybersecurity needs of most federal government agencies.


  • Ongoing Oversight and Security Authorization: The JAB is involved in the continuous monitoring of CSPs for all P-ATOs ensuring CSPs maintain compliance with the established security requirements, providing ongoing security authorization and guidance in collaboration with the General Services Administration and Department of Homeland Security.

Rapid FedRAMP Services

Fast onboarding to quickly distill key areas and deliver immediate value! 

The Industry’s only auditor ready automation and implementation service

Ignyte Platform is revolutionizing the FedRAMP process by offering cloud service providers the fastest way possible to get through the audit, giving organizations an automated way to secure CSP software ready for government use.

FedRAMP consultants who will get you FedRAMP certified.

Ignyte’s automation platform is designed and developed by former DoD cyber risk managers and assessors. It automates the FedRAMP SSP with features like Continuous Monitoring (ConMON), Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M), inheritance to effortlessly generate SSP reports on the fly with FedRAMP approved Microsoft Word templates, and OSCAL ready content.

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