Efficient HITRUST Compliance Solutions Management with Ignyte Assurance Platform

The Health Information Trust, or HITRUST, is a certifiable framework designed to provide organizations concrete guidance on controls to put into practice, a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance, and risk management. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ created the most efficient way to manage HITRUST compliance efforts and resources in one place. By streamlining GRC processes, automating manual inputs and evidence collection processes, it significantly reduces time for audit preparation and helps to cut costs on human resources required to power the process.

HITRUST Compliance Solutions
HITRUST Compliance Solutions

What is HITRUST?

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF) is a set of security controls created for organizations from all sectors, healthcare in particular, to effectively manage data, information risk, and compliance. If you are a healthcare provider that creates, collects, stores, or shares personal health information (PHI), then compliance with the HITRUST framework is a federal mandate. It is designed to provide a flexible and configurable standard that can be used to develop cybersecurity strategies compliant with the HIPAA, ISO, NIST, SOC 2, CMMC, PCI-DSS and other regulations.

Technology-Driven Approach

To HITRUST Compliance Solutions

Built on the primary principles of ISO 27001, HITRUST has evolved to align with a wide range of regulations, standards, and business requirements. Seeking HITRUST security framework certification can help an organization to minimize the probability of oversights or errors and ensure compliance with multiple cybersecurity regulations. Although, following the compliance process may present a challenge of its own.

With the help of experienced professional auditors, we’ve created and successfully implemented a set of software features that allow Ignyte Assurance Platform to provide the appropriate guidance and automated assistance for obtaining HITRUST Compliance Solutions, and maintaining its evergreen status in various healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

HITRUST Status Reporting

There exist several methods for status reporting for businesses that have undergone HITRUST compliance. Ignyte Assurance Platform helps organizations to access real-time reporting via SOC 2 + HITRUST, Validated Assessment Certification, and Self-Assessment. We also enable you to find out the best reporting option based on your industry domain.

Streamlined Evidence Collection

The HITRUST consists of 14 Control Categories, 19 Domains, 49 Control Objectives, and 156 Control References which require the presence of appropriate evidence to comply. Ignyte Assurance Platform automatically generated the updates to the people who provide evidence and streamlines GRC processes throughout the entire organization. It keeps the framework consistently up-to-date and ready for external or internal audits at the shortest notice.

Integrated Risk Management Platform

PHI Sensitivity & Awareness Training

Ignyte Assurance Platform offers Protected Health Information (PHI) awareness certification programs that are compulsorily required for all human resource and health employees and third-party contractors on a yearly basis. Our training program also encompasses role-based data protection training for managers, IT admins, and executives for bringing full adherence to HITRUST.

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