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Frequently asked questions

Pricing is based on individual modules, use-cases, deployment requirements, and specific features and functions requested. Unlike our competitors, Ignyte does not charge based on the number of users.

A detailed list of all the modules can be found here


Ignyte supports the following use cases and modules out of the box:

  1. Compliance Management (Several Frameworks)
  2. Vendor/Supplier Risk Management
  3. Threat & Vulnerability Management
  4. SCAP Data Management
  5. Enterprise Risk Management
  6. Incident Management
  7. Audit Management
  8. Business Continuity Program Management
  9. Task Management
  10. Low Code Custom GRC Application Builder

Ignyte supports any cybersecurity compliance and risk management framework. Our software is designed to work independent of framework. However, we currently have 50+ out of the box that can be found here.

Ignyte does not support one-off custom coding projects nor customer specific modules. However, we do share features and functionality across a range of customers. We may already have something you are looking for.
Ignyte connects to vulnerability scanners, ticketing systems, document management systems, and asset management systems via its public and private APIs.
Yes, Ignyte supports docker container based deployments for sensitive non-cloud environments.

Customer Testimonials

“The Ignyte team are experienced cybersecurity experts and have been wonderful to partner with our project. I highly recommend Ignyte and the Ignyte Assurance Platform.”

As we implemented the solution, the Ignyte team was on top of any issues that needed attention and made sure it was accessible. We’re very pleased with the product.


John Zimmerly, CCHMC
Director – Governance, Risk & Compliance

Integrated Risk Management

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