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Built by experts, for experts. We’ve designed a Cybersecurity Compliance Platform for you to become more self-sufficient in managing your security environment.

A Transformative Integrated Risk Management Engine

Over 10 years in the making

Since 2012, we have been simplifying regulatory processes to help businesses of all sizes to comply with complex guidelines, enhance their cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks, and protect their resources faster and more cost-effectively.

Founded by a U.S. military veteran, Ignyte Assurance Platform has evolved from an internal proprietary tool to a full-stack cloud-based application powered by artificial intelligence and language and intent matching technology. It has built-in scenarios designed to manage regulatory compliance processes from day one without costly customization while significantly reducing the time and effort from deployment to audit.


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Meet the leadership team

Cybersecurity Compliance Platform

Susan Graf


Susan has over 20 years of experience with client relationship building, cross-functional teams, and business analysis. With a diverse technical background, soft and hard skills. She oversees client and partnership relationships, client contracts, marketing activities, as well as managing corporate certification/accreditations, and takes responsibility for the internal and external communication and documentation management.

Cybersecurity Compliance Platform

Brittany Carr

Marketing Manager

With over two years of marketing experience, Brittany is a dynamic marketing manager with experience in driving successful campaigns and building strong brand connections. She is focused on innovative approaches to educate and engage audiences on the importance of cybersecurity.


Joshua Moellman

Technical Operations Manager

Josh brings over 7 years of cybersecurity and direct regulatory experience to promote a reasonable national cybersecurity standard. As an Ignyte cybersecurity associate, he is an expert in cyber technology implementation, skilled in rapid tactical response on technology-based cyber audits, oversees technical implementations involving security migrations, upgrades, and enhancements to advanced security measures.

Cybersecurity Compliance Platform

Eric Tilds

General Counsel

Eric is an Enterprise Risk Leader with over 20 years of C-Suite Legal and Risk Management experience. He’s a former COO at Entrega, a Tier-1 supplier of technology services to the automotive industry. Eric has gained nine years of experience as EVP, General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer, and Corporate Secretary for Logicalis, a global information and communications technology service provider.

Cybersecurity Compliance Platform

Max Aulakh

President & Founder

As an Enterprise Risk Leader with over 15 years of Business and Security Technology Leadership experience, Max delivers DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations. Trained and excelled in The United States Air Force, he maintained and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global networks — both classified and unclassified.

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