Ignyte Institute Launch

Ignyte Assurance Platform, an industry leader in managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC), has received $100,000 from the state of Ohio to develop and integrate cybersecurity technology from the Air Force Research Laboratory.


October 19, 2020

Miamisburg, Ohio – Ignyte Assurance Platform, a leader in cybersecurity risk management software and education, has launched Ignyte Institute, dedicated to advancing the discipline of cybersecurity, integrated risk management, translational cyber research, education, and solutions for global corporations.

The Institute currently provides self-paced, online learning education in bite-size, interactive courses, tailored to individual needs, and a toolbox of resources to help them take actionable steps toward compliance. It is specifically designed to introduce the Department of Defense (DoD)-sponsored emerging Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) regulations. The courses are designed to help small defense businesses understand the impact of technology enabled risks including cyber. The CMMC, a five-level, tiered framework built upon the existing regulations in DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST 800-171, covers more domains and adds audits to ensure compliance with cybersecurity standards.

The training will help businesses better manage the compliance with cybersecurity obligations under the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and the CMMC.

“With the emerging CMMC requirement falling on DoD contractors and their subcontractors, we saw a need to help educate manufacturers of any size. It is a natural fit for Ignyte to build and launch the Institute to support cybersecurity training and education supplemented by DoD led cyber research in this area. We have the expertise within our organization to develop content to meet this need and the strategic relationships in both manufacturing and DoD communities. We are very excited to be part of supporting this US-based community,” said Max Aulakh, CEO of Ignyte Institute.

To learn more about the training or to register for courses visit our new website.

About Ignyte Institute

The Ignyte Institute is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of collaborative security and integrated compliance education and solutions for global corporations. The Ignyte Institute, and its community, focus on innovation, education, and sharing best practices to reduce cyber risk & advance cybersecurity. For corporate risk and compliance officers who depend heavily on the protection of their resources, they can leverage the use of the Ignyte Assurance Platform, a leading SaaS solution for cyber risk assurance and cyber compliance management, to simplifying compliance across regulations, standards, and guidelines. Leading corporations use Ignyte in diverse industries, such as Healthcare, Defense, and Technology. Ignyte is headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, and can be reached at www.ignyteinstitute.org.

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