MAFAZO Is Now Ignyte Assurance Platform

Decision Comes After Company Takes a New Direction as It Orients Itself Primarily as a Risk Management Product Company.
Ignyte Assurance Platform

MAFAZO rebranded to Ignyte Assurance Platform

Dayton, Ohio: MAFAZO LLC changes name to Ignyte Assurance PlatformTM (Ignyte). MAFAZO rebranded to Ignyte Assurance PlatformTM (IAP) as the company refocuses from being a services company to providing industries’ first cyber assurance product platform.

Our new name emphasizes our powerful expertise in cybersecurity engineering and our approach to building long-term service engagements as a trusted partner,” said Max Aulakh, President of Ignyte. “It articulates our commitment to our vision and reminds us to deliver on our promises through automation.

The name change is effective immediately. The company chose “Ignyte Assurance Platform” after working closely with a Chief Marketing Officer and several key customers to develop its name. Ignyte is dedicated to providing its clients with an advanced cyber security assurance product and the name change reflects this transition.

Since the inception of the company, MAFAZO has been delivering high-end services engagements such as cyber systems integration, custom cyber product development, assessments and penetration testing for prestigious firms such as Department of Defense, Dell and many others.

The transition allows the company to regain its strength and focus on its highest and best use in providing an advanced cybersecurity software assurance product to its existing customers while gaining new customers.

This decision

• Reflects the company’s new direction

• Announces the change of focus from services to a product

• Revisions and redefines the company’s purposeIgnyte Assurance Platform is a leader in collaborative security and integrated GRC solutions for global corporations. Max Aulakh founded Ignyte Assurance PlatformTM in January 2012 as “MAFAZO LLC.” MAFAZO established a strategic contract relationship with the U.S Department of Defense Agencies at a very early stage of the company. After that, the company rocketed forward as Ignyte Assurance PlatformTM.

Max began expanding the Ignyte team, which is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals from diverse backgrounds. Ignyte later performed cyber service engagements for global organizations and many are transitioning to the Ignyte Platform.

Today, Ignyte orients itself primarily as a product company. Ignyte provides military grade software that makes compliance effortless, which assists with data collection, analysis, and helps streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once. To find out all that we do, follow the link Ignyte Assurance Platform’s website.

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