2019 Security Predictions

Posted by Ignyte Team

January 17, 2019


Constantly Changing Security Threats

If you thought managing your compliance requirements in 2018 was a walk in the park, rest easy, 2019 isn’t looking much different.  You’ll still be faced with shifting regulations and constantly changing security threats, but if you were handling the pressures just fine, 2019 will be equally as undaunting.

However, if you’re like most CISO’s, managing controls with an ever decreasing budget, less resources and increasing responsibilities was becoming unmanageable in 2018.  If you were on the fence as to whether you thought automation would make a difference, 2019 is the time to take a serious look.

The speed at which the regulatory climate, security threats and technology are constantly increasing means you’ll need to match that speed with some kind of tool.  Specifically, a tool that can spread accountability and responsibilities across the enterprise.  Most organizations have realized that security isn’t just an IT issue.  Ensuring the right control owners are reviewing applicable controls in a timely manner provides more coverage and more visibility for any organization.   Modern GRC tools are able to ingest data from internal systems and components, allowing for immediate insight of the current security posture.

2019 will also be the year to get third party risk handled.  It will be important to get your due diligence questionnaires managed appropriately to ensure the proper on boarding for any third party.  The easiest way to ensure all the critical vulnerabilities are covered is through workflow automation.  Finding the right tool and making the investment now will pay off not only for your organization, but will make working with your potential vendors that much easier.  The goal is to protect your organization from the threats from third parties without adding more burden to existing resources, processes and vendors.

Imagine the possibilities of being able view data points in a single dashboard from across your enterprise?  From pen testing reports to financial risk of vendors to the status of the controls from multiple security frameworks. GRC tools now give at-a-glance look at the health of the security across the enterprise, for stakeholders, auditors and those managing day to day activities of their teams.  Collaboration at it’s finest and the opportunities to continue to build cost efficiencies.  Bring on 2019!

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