Stands for Accreditation and Attestation process. It involves different roles within the Defense Department and system compliance processes.

Accreditation and Attestation (ANA) Process

Definition by the Speaker:

The ANA process refers to Accreditation and Attestation, a comprehensive framework involving different roles within the Defense Department and compliance processes. This encompasses the management and certification of systems, where various roles, testing, validation and interviews are conducted are vital in ensuring compliance and security in federal systems. The Authorization is issued via the Authority to Operate by the Designated Accrediting Authority. The Attestation is issued via the System Owner of the system and asserts that the controls, security posture, control responses are an accurate representation of the system

Additional Information:


The ANA process is particularly relevant in the defense domain and other government agencies that require robust compliance measures for their systems. It encompasses various roles and processes involved in certifying systems’ security and compliance.


  • Certification and Compliance: ANA involves the certification and compliance of systems, ensuring they meet specific standards and security protocols.
  • Roles in Defense: Within the Defense Department, ANA includes different roles such as ISSM, ISSO, SCA, CAR, AO, DAA, SCAR, among others. These roles are crucial in the certification and approval processes.

Complexity of Roles:

  • The ANA process is intricate and involves multiple decision-making points, roles, and authorization levels. The roles range from those actively involved in security implementation (e.g., ISSM, ISSO) to higher-level decision-makers (e.g., AO, DAA).

Role in Compliance Management: ANA ensures that systems comply with specific standards and guidelines set by NIST and other regulatory bodies. Compliance management involves thorough assessments, audits, and certifications.

Evolution and Adaptation: The ANA process continuously evolves to accommodate changes in technology, security threats, and compliance requirements. This adaptability is crucial in maintaining the integrity and security of federal systems.



The ANA process is a cornerstone in ensuring the security and compliance of federal systems, encompassing various roles and stringent compliance measures to safeguard sensitive information and assets.

Applicability: Relevant in defense compliance, roles, and certification processes.

URL: Defense Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Process

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