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Allina Health’s HITRUST and Regulatory Success with Ignyte


Allina Health




HITRUST and Multiple Regulatory Standards


Hospitals and Health Care

The Problem

As a leader in the healthcare industry, Allina recognized the critical importance of trust in their responses to regulatory compliance issues. They sought a solution that would allow them to generate reports rapidly and provide real-time monitoring assurance. Key challenges included maximizing internal resources, streamlining processes, producing near real-time reports, adapting to changing requirements, ensuring data security in a competitive landscape, and maintaining a focus on innovation while upholding compliance standards.

“From a business perspective, Ignyte Assurance Platform increased trust in our regulatory compliance response and maximized our resource time. It gave us a method to quickly produce reports with an assurance that we are monitoring things as close to real-time as we can without having to ask anybody for evidence. We never want to do the same work twice and if we can leverage a platform that can not only give us that compliance assurance that we’re looking for, but also an ability to quickly produce near to real-time compliance reports, that’s huge.”

William Scandrett

Chief Information Security Officer

The Solution

Ignyte worked with Allina to:
✓ Centralize repository for reporting and cyber security monitoring.
✓ Produce faster risk assessments.
✓ Improve employee productivity through automation to allow the them to
do the job they were hired to do instead of chasing down evidence.
✓ Generate clean reports quickly.
✓ Enable data-driven business decisions in the review of internal processes.
✓ Multi-Regulatory analytical dashboards with current security posture
available at a glance.
✓ Monitor and reduce phishing attacks during height of Covid.


faster than typical HITRUST audit time


reduction in operating expenses


Reduction in audit cost

The Result

Risk Mitigation

Dramatically lessened the typical HITRUST audit time from 2–3-months to in and out quickly.

Financial Gains

Reduced operating expenses and gained efficiencies through cost-effective, forward-looking tools.

Get ahead of the Game
Build Trust, not Checklists

Multiple Cybersecurity Frameworks Management at once has never been easier.

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