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AdvanTec Adopts Ignyte’s Phased Strategy to Address NIST Compliance






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The Problem

AdvanTec’s challenges began in early 2020 as its customers began asking questions about its plans for NIST compliance. AdvanTec did not have the staffing nor the resources to put processes or plans into place. 

Knowledgeable resources around the new NIST rules were still very limited so AdvanTec engaged with Ignyte to better understand their SPRS score, how to get their documentation up to date, and how to get the correct processes and procedures into place within their company.

“I mean, the risks are so prevailing out there anymore. And even while we’re not a Fortune 500 company, the risk is the same for us as it is for Lockheed Martin. You have to understand what the risks are and have processes in place to deal with them.”

Dave Sanders_AdvanTec

Dave Sanders

HR / Business Analyst

The Solution

Seeking External Expertise:

  • Engaging Ignyte provided independent evaluation, compliance guidance, and assistance in deficiencies.


  • Ignyte provided customized document templates to AdvanTec that assisted with uploading their company policies and procedures and allowed them to customize with their own logos so the documents will be ready for audit.
  • Twelve different policies and processes that are required under the NIST, all identifying different areas of IT security, from training for employees to response metrics. These have all been established under Ignyte’s guidance.

Phased Approach to Compliance:

  • AdvanTec adopted a phased strategy to address compliance systematically, breaking the project into manageable phases.

Increased Awareness and Accountability:

  • Collaboration with Ignyte improved cybersecurity awareness within AdvanTec, enhancing accountability for IT security measures.

These efforts resulted in progress, including a better SPRS score, established policies, and greater awareness regarding compliance and cybersecurity risks. The phased approach focused on systematic improvements in their cybersecurity posture and documentation processes.


man hours saved


improved SPRS score


cost savings equivalent to

The Result


for their upcoming audit


for future reporting, templating, processes, documentation


on time, money, and resources

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