NEW: Improved Way to Visualize, Manage & Connect SCAP Scan Data at Scale

If you are dealing with vulnerability management, chances are you’ve been wondering if there is a better way to store, manage, and link Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) scan data. The answer is yes! With Ignyte’s machine learning capabilities.

The new SCAP module, recently released by Ignyte Assurance Platform, reimagines the user-friendly interface to visualize and compare scan data in one place, as well as track changes and progress over time.

This data compares a scanned machine’s security configuration against industry-established baselines (benchmarks) in order to determine compliance. It is an important cyber metric to monitor within any organization, and only Ignyte makes it this simple. Ignyte ingests scan data, organizes it, and displays it, enabling easy viewing of these vital scan trends over time. The Ignyte Platform uses this module to turn raw SCAP data into usable and easily digestible information vital for business decision-makers… in mere seconds.

New module released by Ignyte Assurance Platform shows user-friendly interface to store, manage, and display Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) scan data

What’s special about it?

This module is extraordinary engineering because it allows ATO management teams to automatically map highly technical data into undefined high-level cyber frameworks using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It captures trends along with month-over-month improvements. Managing scan data by assets and viewing machine vulnerability metrics using artificial intelligence is not a capability available with the standard software. DISA’s documentation states their process is “confusing and trying”. The Ignyte user interface improves the experience, and the platform offers more functionality for the validation and tracking of a machine’s level configuration.

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