Cybersecurity Internship

Hybrid (Dayton, OH)

Job Overview


Cybersecurity Internship


Hybrid (Dayton, OH)

Job Type:

Full Time


Ignyte Assurance is seeking talented, creative, and highly motivated undergraduate student intern to work with our remote Cyber Security Team members. Qualified candidates must have a strong desire to work within the cyber security industry as a career. A basic understanding of regular expressions and a high level programming language is required. The ideal candidate will also have working knowledge of C programming for work assignments in a trusted computing domain. The candidate will have the flexibility and time to work during his/her own hours.

As an intern, you will contribute to projects working in agile, collaborative teams of 2-3 technical staff working on technology for domains, such as intrusion detection and prevention, continuous monitoring, pattern matching & detection, and cyber security testing. You will also be taught language specific syntax, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Advance Intelligence engine, event correlation, searching, reporting, alarming, and advanced rule writing for pattern matching of cyber security threats to traditional & cloud infrastructures.


  • The candidate will work on a variety of tasks ranging from real-time cyber threat analysis & monitoring, developing patch scripts, Amazon Web Services (AWS) machine management and deployment, Google Apps management, and in development of various middleware platforms written in .NET or C programming
  • Participate in meetings in person, over phone, or video teleconferencing
  • Perform other duties as required

Qualifications and Experience

  • Highly inserted in cyber security
  • Knowledge of Linux environments (LAMP Stack)
  • Writing regular expression to perform advance searches
  • Programming in web languages, such as Java, PhP, JavaScript or ASP.NET
  • Programming in C (ideal candidate)
  • Preferred CS or CE student with a strong math background (understanding of Boolean logic)
  • Ability to perform basic security research, write short abstracts, and verbally present technical information

How to apply:

Email: (send résumé here)

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