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Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Riverside Research Optimizing Cybersecurity with Ignyte


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The Problem

Riverside Research, a national security nonprofit, focuses on rapid prototyping and aims to bridge commercial industry technologies with government mission needs. Their agility and customization allow them to provide innovative solutions tailored to specific problem sets. As the DoD increased its emphasis on cybersecurity, Riverside Research faced significant challenges in aligning its processes with the emerging Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standards. From a cybersecurity perspective, Riverside Research was keen to reduce ad hoc and undocumented processes, enhance standardization, and improve documentation of procedures. The scoping for CMMC compliance, including the classification of assets and data, presented a considerable challenge. Additionally, navigating the complex landscape of compliance requirements, such as DFARS clauses and CMMC rulings, demanded a strategic approach.

“Ignyte’s GRC platform is a huge benefit. It helps us manage documentation, control answers, and manage security control frameworks in a more automated and efficient manner. It’s the right way to handle compliance.”

Reuben Patton

Information Systems & Security Engineer, Riverside Research

The Solution

Process Improvement: Over the last 12 months, Ignyte assisted Riverside Research in standardizing policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with CMMC requirements.

GRC Platform Implementation: Ignyte’s GRC platform enabled Riverside Research to efficiently manage documentation, control responses, and compliance reports, providing visibility into its cybersecurity posture.

Scoping and Categorization: Ignyte helped Riverside Research address challenges related to scoping, data classification, and categorization of assets, ensuring a clear understanding of what falls within the CMMC boundary.

Mock Audit: Ignyte conducted a mock audit, providing Riverside Research with valuable insights into its security implementation and areas that needed improvement.

Impact on Riverside Research:

  • Riverside Research can now provide justifications for additional resources, enhancing the efficiency and footprint of its cybersecurity department.
  • The partnership with Ignyte has improved process efficiency, expectation management, and communication with senior leadership.
  • The flexibility demonstrated by Ignyte in understanding Riverside Research’s needs has been a key contributor to the successful collaboration.

Future Goals:

  • Riverside Research aims to improve its CMMC rating to continue pursuing government contracts.
  • Ongoing efforts include refining procedures, continuing the use of the GRC platform for compliance management, and planning for future mock audits.

Reuben, the Information System Security Manager at Riverside Research, shared insights into Riverside Research’s journey and how Ignyte was a word-of-mouth recommendation to him as a subject matter expert in CMMC. Riverside Research recognized Ignyte’s value through social media and past successful collaborations. The decision to partner with Ignyte was reinforced by its GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform, offering automated solutions for compliance management.


In cost avoidance compared to 2 new FTEs


Months additional value provided without scope change


Satisfaction with efforts

The Result

Standardization of policies and procedures to align with CMMC requirements
Greater visibility into documentation management, control responses, and compliance efforts
Valuable insights into its security implementation and improvement areas

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