Cloud-Based Risk Management in Dayton

Dayton, Ohio is a great place to find vendors and partners for your business. It's also the place to find Ignyte, a streamlined vendor risk management solution that makes it easy to protect your data and keep your business secure.

With a population a little shy of 150,000, Dayton isn’t the biggest city in Ohio. In fact, it’s not even in the top five. But it is within a day’s drive of over half the US population, and that has made Dayton, Ohio a hub for logistics and manufacturing infrastructure.

The greater Dayton area is a fantastic place to not only base a business, but to find vendors and partners for your business. Of course, with any vendor relationship, you need to be careful. Vendor risk management in Dayton is a crucial step for protecting your data and keeping your business secure.

Traditional risk management is known to be a lengthy, complex process with a lot of paper work and moving parts. That’s why we created a simpler, cloud-based risk management tool for Dayton businesses to utilize.

With Ignyte’s software, the risk management process is completely streamlined, allowing you to manage all of your third-parties from a singular location. Our vendor risk management module comes pre-loaded with industry standards, federal requirements, vendor assessment templates, and more.

Everything can easily be customized to meet the needs of your business and the vendors that you work with. If you’re looking for a simpler, yet more secure way to process vendor risk management in Dayton, request a demo of Ignyte today!

Cloud-Based Risk Management for Dayton and Beyond

Every business is unique, and that’s why we made sure flexibility was at the core of our software platform. Though we offer a wide variety of assessment and compliance documents for you to utilize, each form and field can be changed as you see fit.
Or you can build your own from scratch.

You also control how risk is determined and calculated, ensuring that you always have an accurate assessment of the vendors you work with.
Our platform is highly scalable, so whether you’re a small business, a big business, or somewhere in between, Ignyte offers everything you need without forcing you to bother with the features you don’t. Our cloud-based risk management tools let you work your way.
And they’re easy to learn.

After a demo of Ignyte, we’re confident you’ll see just how efficient vendor risk management in Ohio can be. Of course, risk management is just one piece of our powerful platform. Schedule a demo, and we’ll be happy to show you the rest of the tools as well.

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