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Platform Release Notes

v7.8 – Daniel

  • The ability to export Vendor issues to Excel was added.
  • ”View History” link available to view the history of a Policy while Reviewing /Approving.
  • Added feature to configure default and custom fields for POA&Ms in every compliance system.

v7.7 – Ezekiel

  • Additional folder option for Policy Management is available in the Document Management area.
  • New widgets for Vendor analytics, Issues, and Assessments.
  • Implemented the ability to search for Controls when mapping with Sub Framework system records.
  • Unmapping feature added to Custom SoR.
  • Ability to reorder fields for the Vendor Module lists in both Assessments & Assessment Results.
  • Comments can be saved as “Draft” now in Requirements table view under a control.
  • A new view is available on the Manage Vendors page.
  • SCAP Assets under Assets has two mappings now, manual and auto-mapped based on CCID matching.
  • The search filter under Policy Management has been enhanced.
  • There is a new tab in User Management to easily view users with Vender Management related roles.
  • More flexibility has been added to the Configure Vendor Stages within Vendor Settings.
  • Micro and Custom Framework related improvements.

v7.6 – Lamentations

  • Enhanced automation around the creation of a Vendor POC admin
  • New POC Assessments Dashboard to view all assigned assessment on one screen
  • Expanded visibility of activity history to the question level in Track Assessment Details

v7.5 – Jeremiah

  • Additional configuration feature is available to Criticality Assessment Questions
  • Feature to organize criticality assessment questions along with other information
  • Enhancement made to the display on the Assess Criticality screen
  • Customization of risk weightage available in Settings area

v7.4 – Isaiah

  • New Dashboard widgets related to the Vendor Management Module are available for use.
  • A feature was added to allow users to save draft comments in requirements under a control.
  • New configuration option to default the stage of a newly created vendor to ‘Onboarding’ and to customize the stage names.
  • Default primary scales were added to the micro framework builder for new micro frameworks.
  • The columns visible on the Vendor Issues page were modified to include ID and Question columns.
  • Overdue assessment can be conditional flagged as not deletable.
  • Enhanced search functionality added to the Vendor Issues page.
  • From the Assessments page, clicking on the number of issues value redirects the user to a filtered view of only the associated issues.
  • The ability to upload artifacts and associate it to a Vendor and a specific folder was added in Document Management.

v7.3 – Song of Solomon

  • Additional nuances made to the Vendor Management microservice.
  • Enhanced the comment and bulk operations editor to allow for bold, italic, and underline formatting.
  • Associated options for Coverage and Effectiveness are now visible and display in system scales in Edit or Add Custom Framework mode.
  • Changed the display name in the SCAP tab results drop-down to show the stream name for ease of selection.

v7.2 – Ecclesiastes

  • Added the ability to have default primary scales for a new custom framework being created in Custom Framework Builder flow.
  • Additional updates made to the Vendor Management microservice.

v7.1 – Proverbs

  • Default guidance & custom guidance is viewable in the Requirements Table View and exportable.
  • Additional updates made to the Vendor Management microservice.
  • Ability to edit all of the attributes of the NIST RMF Rev.4 system scales in the Compliance system.

v7.0 – Psalms

  • Updated entire Vendor Management microservice.

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