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Ignyte Assurance Platform is a SaaS Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software application used as a cloud-based network discovery platform that inventories your connected IT and OT environments. Asset inventories are the building blocks to any attack surface reduction and incident response program. That’s why our platform will help you accurately identify and monitor your IT assets – so you can always know what’s on your network.

Integrating with Ignyte’s Asset API keeps your asset inventory current and scans on-target.

Download Ignyte API documentation for offline use
  • Ignyte API (PDF) – coming soon

Quick start

The quick start path is recommended for understanding the Ignyte API and our Assurance Platform. You will review key terms, explore our API capabilities, gain insight into our Platform, and build knowledge for integrating with the API.

  • Review the glossary: The Glossary covers terms you will want to know.
  • Explore the API: The API focuses on Assets as a key driver of risk assessments and ensuring alignment of assets to requirements and continuous monitoring.
  • Our Platform: The Release Notes help you explore our product and its capabilities.

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