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The Problem

Midway Swiss Turn Inc. was concerned with the recent push for CMMC and the flow-down requirements from their Primes regarding Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). They needed guidance on the steps towards CMMC 1.0 Level 3 certification.

Since CMMC is still evolving, there were many doubts, questions, and uncertainties regarding the best path forward. They lacked a solid understanding of what CMMC is, why they need to do it, what the best strategic approaches are from a business perspective, and what they had to comply with technology-wise and potential costs.

“Ignyte team offered us a way to make sure that we’ve tightened everything up, feeling confident that our customer base, projects, process, and information are safe. With them, we’ve streamlined our cybersecurity efforts, reaching efficiency, which was not otherwise achievable with our limited resources.”

Jayme Rahz

CEO I Midway Swiss Turn

The Solution

Through our intelligence community and other resources through the DoD, Ignyte provided accurate guidance on what needs to be completed for a proper compliance program. We collected and maintained an asset inventory for Midway, developed and obtained approval for a full network diagram, as well as a boundary diagram for the SSP.

New programs were established for Information Security and a Board of Directors, which essentially shows everyone that Midway’s Management is a proponent of cybersecurity and the need for CMMC compliance.

Ignyte developed 14 policies that speak to each of the domains within NIST and CMMC and conducted a self-assessment for the NIST 800-171 SPRS submission. Ignyte developed 110 control draft responses for the SSP and maintains POA&Ms for all the deficiencies discovered through the self-assessment.

Now, Ignyte is guiding the hardening of the Midway end computing devices for operational security and compliance. For this engagement, Ignyte has provided a strong foundation for obtaining CMMC compliance, and as technology improvements and POA&Ms are addressed, the documentation will just need to be uploaded.


faster audit preparation


cost savings


increase in government contracts

The Result


Through this program, the amount of training shared between Midway Swiss Turn Inc. and Ignyte, through discussions and webinars, has helped Jayme tremendously to plan for CMMC as it continues to evolve.


By taking Ignyte’s guidance on technology purchasing, Midway has saved on cost. We have provided open-source solutions that will help towards more operation security and compliance; this solution is approved and promoted by the DoD for protecting systems.


Compliance with CMMC is an investment that can enable business growth and provide access to a broader market with higher bids.

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