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The Problem

Haltec Corporation is a leader in the industrial tire manufacturing business with over 500 government contracts. As a government Prime and Subcontractor, Haltec’s growing demand in answering cybersecurity questionnaires and increasing requests from their customers to improve their security posture made company management look outside their existing IT team capabilities. They’ve conducted internal self-studies for CMMC and were looking for a partner to educate them on the compliance process. The decision to conduct an independent study on their environment was made.

“The Ignyte delivery team exhibits customer service skills that are second to none. Their expert knowledge helped us make the right decisions for our organization in adopting new policies, procedures, and technology. I would say this collaboration saved us a significant amount of time.”

Jeff Kovacich

VP, IT I Haltec Corporation

The Solution

The Ignyte team assessed Haltec’s current security posture and providing an independent external analysis of their enterprise IT environment.

The most valuable part of this collaboration resulted in knowledge transfer and a thorough understanding of which customized policies to consider when implementing best practices around CMMC. Ignyte consulted with Haltec’s business leadership on all elements of the compliance process, including requirements and controls scoping. In addition, the team went beyond the technical evaluation and uncovered business risk mitigation processes such as supplier risk.

The Ignyte delivery team also completed the systems hardening scans using the Ignyte Assurance Platform to produce a detailed list of discovered high business risks in Haltec’s environment.

Haltec reported the shift in their business culture as the major impact of applying some of these new security practices. They gained confidence and management assurance on responding to federal questions and those incoming from their key customers. Now, they can prove their security posture and communicate clearly to their customers what they are doing and how they’re doing it from an assurance standpoint. They understand that the demand for CMMC certification would influence the growth of their business as well as their ability to tackle other identified initiatives as immediate opportunities.


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CMMC checklist automation

The Result


Knowledge transfer of technical and business evaluation, training, coaching, and recommendations on customized processes and policies gave Haltec a full action plan of CMMC 2.0 transition in just a fraction of time.

Security & Risk Management

External analysis of their IT environment decreased the number of business and technical risks. It significantly improved Haltec’s cybersecurity posture, and shortened their response time & efforts spent on cybersecurity questionnaires.


CMMC POA&M secured all 500+ government contracts during the company’s transition from CMMC 1.0 to CMMC 2.0. The updated certification will be leveraged to earn more business.

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